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Girl tweeted that someone should kill President Barack Obama
A Tri-State teenager is being investigated for a comment she allegedly made on Twitter on Thursday.
A blog reported the 16-year-old girl tweeted “Someone needs to assassinate Obama…like ASAP.”
Special agent-in-charge Mark Porter said the agents’ findings will be turned over the the U.S Attorney’s office to determine if the girl should be charged with threats against a president.
“We take all threats seriously until we get to the bottom of it and get some resolution to the statement and the intent,” Porter said.
The girl’s Twitter and Facebook accounts have both been closed since the tweet became public. The blog said her tweet had been retweeted more than 300 times.


“You will always be the lady in my life” Kanye sings oh so softly as he caresses his Air Yeezy II’s ever so gently. Kim watches from the doorway, she hangs her head in defeat as she retreats to the hallway closet where she stares at the shrine of her lost lover. She lights the candles, tears softly trickle down her cheeks… she whispers to herself “One day I will be the lady in your life.” with renewed hope as she kisses her life size cut out of Kanye… in his Air Yeezy II’s. 

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Happy 35th,  YEEZUS! 

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Can we get Phil Jackson back please… please?


With Phil, Kobe always looked so happy:

and without Phil:

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